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Specialized Self Applied Rehabilitation Therapies For Recovery Even After Long-Standing Facial Palsy 

I have created a series of videos that you can use anytime you want as needed.  You may use some of them at different times of your journey. 

The video content is both illustrated with the musculature targeted and broken down to groups of therapies that relate to function such as lifting the upper lip or eyebrow as well as individual exercises so you can refine it down to what you want or need to focus on.

Video Collection of Self Applied Therapies

Please remember that Self Care is Not a Chore!  When parts of us are in need of care we should attend to them with the same tenderness we would offer a loved one. 

If you feel like you have hit a plateau there is something here to take things to the next level...

And beyond.

The Collection Contains the Following:

  • Rehabilitation with Resistance

    • Facial Physio (Essential for retraining the brain-to-nerve-to-muscle routine) You can use these as soon as movement begins to return.  This is an extensive collection in and of itself that is both broken down to groups of therapies that relate to a function as well as individual exercises so you can refine it down to what you want or need to focus on.

  • Rehabilitation with Release

    • Facial Massage with movement using a Gua Sha.

    • Neck and Shoulder Release and Stretching

    • Self applied ball therapy to massage and release your neck and shoulders

  • Microcurrent Therapy

    • Stimulation using a microcurrent device to rehabilitee even the sleepiest parts of your face.​

  • Emotional Expression

    • A Guided Relaxation of the Face that includes how to manage and transform any emotions that may arise.​

    • Mirror Therapy to retrain the emotional centre and the motor centre of the brain to recreate the myriad of facial expressions. (This one is still in editing mode)

Purchase The Video Collection

In order to make these videos accessible to all who need them I am offering a pay what you can option.

I have shared this video on YouTube because the neck is the foundation for the face and I want everyone to have access to it.

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