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Middle World Journeying

The Middle World is the hidden reality of the world we live in. In the Middle World the journeyer can travel back and forth in time.  To the shaman everything is alive. The Middle World is one place where the journeyer can speak to the spirit of the rocks, trees, plants, wind, water, fire, earth, etc. The shaman can speak to the spirit that lives in all things here.

This course will be offered both in studio and live online via Zoom

Date: Saturday January 14th 10:30am-5pm EST
Fee: $111

The pre-requisite for this course is The Introduction to Shamanic Journeying.

It is advised to have a solid foundation in journeying to both the Lower and Upper Worlds before exploring Middle World Journeying.

We will take an hour lunch break.  The class will be recorded and available for review by participants for 3 months.


​Journey's to the Middle World are classically to find lost and stolen objects, to commune with nature, or to do long-distance healing work. You can to the moon to ask about the moon's different cycles and phases and how they affect your feelings and behavior. In this way, you can learn how to make changes in your life that are in alignment with your natural cycles, giving you an increased sense of well-being. You can also speak to the sun, the stars, and the elements in nature, each of which has much to teach us about how to restore balance in our lives.

We will practice several more possibilities during our time together.

What you will need:  A journal to record your experiences in and a stone.

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