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Monthly Journey Circles

This is offered both in studio and online via this link 

Donations are appreciated for this offering 

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The 2nd Wednesday of each Month

This is when we journey together and then share our experiences.  It creates a supportive community for your own practice and provides an opportunity to journey to a live drum.  We may journey on our own issues, on questions for each other (journeying on another’s behalf), we may journey collectively on a question, such as a global issue or some current event.  We may journey to honour a change in season or to create rituals together as a community.  When we do this, each member of the group will receive a unique piece of information that can be woven together to inspire and educate the whole group.

Most importantly we come together to be embraced by the love of the universe, and the helping spirits.  Open our hearts to the love, wisdom, and healing they have to share.  In doing this, you can not only change your own life, but the changes in consciousness we can achieve together through shamanic journeying can transform the world as well.

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