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Facial Palsy: A Ray of Hope

Self Applied Therapies For Every Stage Of Recovery

You Can Look And Feel Like You Again

Hi Pamela
3 Eye exercises I would do together everyday.
And a whole 20min sequence for the lower face so you can get a feel for what seems helpful for you.
I highly recommend getting a Guasha for massaging more effectively. It can be used on your neck as well when it is ready for therapy.


I offer personal assessment and guidance sessions if you would like help discerning what to focus on.
1 hour $90
30 min follow up $45

Package of 1 hour + two 30min $165


"Working with Nik on my long standing Bell's palsy from over 30 years ago has been life changing.  Nik has a natural way to holistically combine the body science of physio/anatomy professional with the spiritual touch of a yoga teacher and courageously wraps this with truly being herself.  She has helped me discover Guasha and some mirror facing exercises which has given me a new relationship with my face - including a returning affection and reminder to be aware of sensations.  Nik has been so generous with her time and I feel she has been a true gift to re-opening and becoming more accepting of my long standing and ever challenging relationship to my Bell's palsy.  The fact that Nik is going through her own recovery and relationship with Bell's Palsy makes her an even more powerful healer. Thank you Nik!"

Bartholomew Sullivan


"I've found your website to be the most informative and helpful site on the Internet, and am pretty grateful for the knowledge you've shared there.  

Thank you for checking back with me! 

I am doing great! I have almost full range of motion back in my face. When I sit idle it's hard to tell there was ever anything wrong. Only thing that still bothers me is it doesn't move in time with the other side but it's getting better! 

Your tips helped me start the recovery process, and helped me know what to look for. The massage video helped really loosen those muscles and what you told me about matching emotions to facial expressions was brilliant! Thank you so much I wouldn't be so far along if it wasn't for your help!"



" Your website was so very informative. I've had Bell Palsy twice and you have informed me more than anyone else has informed me. The best l found was the acupuncture. It helped but l needed so much more. It was devastating with very little info about it and how to help cure it let alone getting it twice!  Nik it is priceless what you have done to help people with Bells.   When l am stressed or upset my eyebrow will droop after all these years and after l go to the dentist the pain at the base of my skull gets quite severe.  Your guidance on how to take care of lifelong symptoms has helped tremendously.  So many people will be helped by your bravery to put it out there."

Darlene Petaske

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