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Shamanic Mysteries

Shamanism has deep roots in ancient times that go beyond the birth of religion. In truth, it is no different from yoga. It recommends a path for living instead of being affixed on doctrine or dogma. It offers you the tools to do your own inner work and empowers you to access for yourself the guidance and support that has always been yours to receive.



Shamanic Journeying

Learn about the practice of shamanic journeying to access higher guidance from helping spirit-allies in higher realms who are here to help you navigate your life with more wisdom and clarity.


Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt

This course provide rituals, meditations, and rites of passage to help us meet our personal and planetary challenges with grace, wisdom, and love.


Sekhmet:  In the Belly of the Goddess

In this course you are guided through a shamanic ritual of alchemical transformation and initiation with the powerful goddess Sekhmet, to release your most deeply rooted negative behavior patterns and be reborn into a more purified state of consciousness.

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