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Nik Balogh: Discernment for Energy Sensitive People

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Understand that empathy is a gift. It only becomes a burden when we don’t have tools of discernment. To be able to differentiate between sensing what is yours and what is energy outside of you that you are being made aware of. When you can do this then you can practice clear boundaries without taking on anyone else's energy.

Do you feel you are sensitive to energy or prone to being sponge-like in soaking up energy, information and emotions from other people?

Are you sensitive to environmental conditions such as lighting or sound or large crowds?

Do you have a lower tolerance for stimulation than others?

Have you been told you are empathic?

Discernment is the capacity to identify the difference between what is truth and what is illusion, or a lie, or just the result of chaotic thinking. ~ Caroline Myss


The Effects of Being Sensitive To Energy.

I have always been sensitive to the energy of words, the news, how people were treating each other or animals and struggles in different parts of the world. For most of my life I was unaware that I was absorbing the energy around me by feeling things so strongly. I can often tell when someone on the world stage is lying, or I can feel what's not being said when someone is talking; I feel the pain or emotion in a situation, and I empathize deeply with others' experiences.

It was through Alchemical Healing that I began to finally become more aware of tools of discernment so that I no longer absorbed others energy. It is the only healing modality that I have experienced that has simple rules to keep both the practitioner and the client safe.

For this reason and its incredible arsenal of powerful tools for healing I both practice and teach Alchemical Healing.

Unconscious Empathy

Without the proper tools empathic people tend to have unstructured borders. These people find it very difficult to understand where they stop and another person begins. They have a tendency to allow their boundaries to be invaded by other people. They have not been taught to become aware of their own personal boundaries.

The untrained empath does not have a clear impression of self and "others." This gift of being able to read other people empathically becomes more of a curse than a gift.

In being empathic we may pick up information from others and carry it for them, or act it out for them, unconsciously. It is difficult to differentiate between what are our feelings and emotions and the emotions of others. Being empathic causes many people to be overweight and to be excessively emotional.

Conscious Empathy Starts With Trusting Our Intuition

We can cease to practice being unconsciously empathic by learning to trust our intuition with using tools of discernment.

The soul uses a variety of methods for communicating with us but the most direct route is the way of intuition. It is not a verbal language, but a language of feelings. When intuition is ignored or by passed, a deep sense of anxiety can set in.

When you begin to operate from the realm of intuition, you automatically move to the next level in your development -- self authority. This quality is dependent on the ability to listen to the guidance springing from within. The ability to listen and trust in your power (intuition) enables you to move with ease and freedom in the world. You realize that by listening to your intuition you protect yourself from unnecessary pain or harm.

Tools Of Discernment

The skill of discernment provides an excellent barometer to your thoughts and feelings. Once you hone it, you will be able to trust your intuition and discern your truth even when you feel clouded by strong emotions. The Truth Spot sensation is used in many disciplines and cultures; when people use phrases like "sit with," "go within," and "gut feelings," they are often talking about accessing the truth spot sensation.

Using the Truth Spot we access our inner guidance through physical sensation to discern our truth and healthiest course of action.

The ability to ask a yes or no question and receive an answer from your own inner wisdom is invaluable. For empaths it is The Most Valuable tool for being able to ask "Is this mine?"

As soon as you become aware that the energy your sensing is not yours, you automatically start creating boundaries by differentiating what is yours and what is not.

This is how you will stop absorbing the energy of others.

With practice, you will develop natural boundaries you no longer have to be diligently aware of. While you are practicing I encourage you to wear a protective stone until you no longer need to.

I take you through learning to use the Truth Spot in this video. Once you learn it you can use it quickly and easily as often as you need to.

Obsidian: A Protective Stone

Before I developed my skills of discernment and boundary setting I always wore an Obsidian necklace. It truly helped protect and shield me against negativity and absorbing other energies that were not beneficial to me.

It is important to note, that gemstone and crystals need to be “cleansed” and re-charged from time to time. This can be done in many ways…most popular is setting out in full sun or moon. Or just cleansing with water and intention.

If you need help in clearing energy, emotion or trauma you can book a healing session with me.

If you have more questions or found this information helpful I invite you to say so in the comments.

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