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Advanced Alchemical Healing

The infinite potential of Alchemical Healing brings so many opportunities for growth in this work. I would like to share a series of core shamanic principles and techniques that build on the foundation set in Alchemical Healing and expand into the Planetary Healing vision that Nicki and Mark have brought into being.

Here we will gain knowledge and understanding in how these principles filter into Alchemical Healing sessions with clients.


Pre-requisite for taking this course is completion of Alchemical Healing Level 3. 

This course is also a pre-requisite if you are called to become a teacher of Alchemical Healing.



Fri Nov 17th 6-9pm, Sat Nov 18th 9am-7:30pm & Sun Nov 19th 9am-4:30pm 2023 EST

This course is offered both online and in person

The topics we will cover and experience in this intensive weekend are as follows:

Filters, Boundaries, Setting and Holding Sacred Space

It is a reoccurring theme in healing sessions that people need tools for filtering or setting personal boundaries instead of absorbing and carrying that which does not serve them. We will discuss and practice techniques and tools for both personal space and setting and holding space for larger groups or sacred ceremony.


Fear and Forgiveness

To truly heal we need to look at with great honesty, at out addictions, habits, negative attitudes and repressed issues...where and why are we holding on to pain? What needs to be acknowledged, embraced and released. Often it is in facing our deepest and repressed fears and in freeing ourselves through true forgiveness. We will discuss these topics and how to address them through Alchemical Healing.


The Magic of Mushrooms

Many of the issues and illnesses we are currently dealing with are the ramifications of altering our environment. Farming and mining practices send pollutants directly into our food chain and water supplies. Our bodies are habitually exposed to building materials and exotic pollutants from industrial and chemical wastes.

It is to the mushrooms that we turn to as allies and medicine here. We will develop relationships with several species and have the tools to deal with what is unfortunately unavoidable on our planet at this time.


Cancer and how AH can be part of Healing this epidemic

The pandemic of cancer that is raging throughout our planet touches all of us, either directly or indirectly. I believe it is through a combination of allopathic protocols and adjunctive therapies that we can create a powerful dance of healing. We will discuss and practice the various techniques in Alchemical Healing that can be used in cancer treatment. 


DNA and Epigentics

DNA is recognized as the primary factor controlling an organism's characteristics. We will discuss what scientists believed for years and how it "controls" or creates dis empowering beliefs that lead people to think they have no control over their lives and health. The new science of epigentics has proven that our genes are controlled by the environment, and more importantly, by an organism's perception of the environment. We will experience a DNA empowerment journey and discuss different techniques that can be used in Alchemical Healing.


Ancestral Healing

Since energy is never lost, but simply changes form over time, emotional issues or problems that were not dealt with by your ancestors, or not fully resolved, can ‘hover’ in your energy field thus creating an imbalance.

It is my experience that an awareness of this concept and how to work with it is necessary as it frequently shows up in healing sessions in various ways.


Soul Loss, Retrieval and Crossing

To some extent, we all experience a level of Soul Loss in our lives. Many people don’t feel whole. Because of the mass phenomenon of Soul Loss, issues such as addiction, chronic sickness, diseases, abusive relationships, crime, shopaholism and workaholism run rife in our society. All of these issues stem from Soul Loss. We will discuss and practice how these concepts are woven into the Alchemical tapestry of healing. It is also common to come across lost souls in this work so an understanding of how to guide them home safely is essential to deepening in this work.

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