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Alchemical Healing: Welcome
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Alchemical Healing Opportunities

Private Sessions

Nik offers personal healing sessions that are truly transformative. She is a certified Alchemical Healing practitioner and teacher.


Alchemical Healing Courses

Nik holds a container of sacred space for all to immerse themselves fully in this experience whether you attend in person or online.


Advanced Alchemical Healing Course

The infinite potential of Alchemical Healing brings so many opportunities for growth in this work. Nik will share a series of core shamanic principles and techniques that expand on the foundation of Alchemical Healing.


Healing Circles

A healing circle involves a group of people uniting with intention of healing, creating an atmosphere in which everyone feels free to share and heal one another as well as themselves. This is an opportunity to receive and give. All are welcome.

Alchemical Healing: Offerings
Alchemical Healing


Nik has been studying and practicing Alchemical Healing since 2010.  She was initiated into the lineage as a teacher of this healing art form by Nicki Scully in 2014 and it has become her life's work to share this modality as Nicki intended.

Alchemical healing is known for its deep and transformative sessions in which you are artfully engaged in your own healing process. Regardless of the depth of the problem or the difficulty of the challenge, Nik finds tools in her vast medicine bag of techniques and processes that bring relief and provide opportunity for continued healing beyond the immediate session. 

Healing is by nature an alchemical process. With clear intention and resolve, we learn to use our adversarial situations to help us grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Nik has witnessed and experienced some very profound and life altering experiences of healing with this modality, and she looks forward to sharing it with you. 


Nicki Scully has been teaching healing, the Egyptian mysteries, and shamanic arts since 1983 with the silent voice of her husband Mark Hallart supporting and guiding her way. She is the author of eight books. Although she is now retired she her work lives in each of us who understand the potency and power of this transformational and profound healing art.   


Her books and numerous journey CDs, can be found at and local and online booksellers.


For articles and interviews by Nicki, see the Articles or Interviews and Podcasts pages.

From Nicki's website, “Powerful Alchemical Healing techniques weave spirit and matter, develop communications between divinity and humanity, transform experience into wisdom, and skillfully influence physical reality to achieve healing and transformation. Alchemical Healing permits entry into the magical realms of intuition and limitless knowledge. Through Alchemical Healing we consciously enter infinite depths from which we bring forth and translate our magical experience into effective healing action.”

Alchemical Healing: Offerings

The Equinox has long been a sacred time, when the veil between the physical and spiritual world is thinned and the energy grid of the planet comes into a higher vibration and harmony.

My Equinox gift to you to harmonize with this energy through the sacred symbol of the Tree of Life who's roots reach into the underworld. the unconscious, while it's branches reach to the heavens, the source of destiny. Align yourself between your roots and your branches to find health and balance.

Tree of Life Heart BreathNik Balogh
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