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Facial Palsy: A Ray of Hope

Self Applied Therapy Programs 

You Can Look And Feel Like You Again

Further Support Created For You To Eliminate The Guesswork.

You don’t have to guess when it comes to the most effective rehabilitation tools and techniques.
And what to do next.
With these packages you will be given guidelines on how to create success in a way that works for you with suggested focus for a weekly rhythm of at most 20-minutes 3x/week with daily mindful practices to incorporate easily into every day activities.  Guidance on maintenance to prevent or correct deterioration if also offered.

With purchase of packages you will continue to have access to new research and refined material.

Foundational Roots

This is the foundational series of specialized facial physio videos that can be used at any stage of your journey. You will receive guidance on how to use them for different stages and a printable illustration of the facial muscles to refer to.
This series includes both Rehabilitation with Release and Rehabilitation with Resistance as they are both fundamental.
The videos are illustrated with the musculature targeted and broken down to sections to focus on.

Individual exercises are also offered so you can refine it down to what you want or need to focus on easily and efficiently.


The videos included in this program are:

  • Foundational Neck Strengthening exercises

  • Restoring eye movement exercises

  • Eyebrow exercises using resistance.

  • 7 stretching practice's for the forehead, eye, nose, upper mouth, cheek, jaw and lower mouth

  • Upper lip, cheek and nose physio

  • Lower lip and jaw physio

  • Individual exercise for all of the above

  • Facial therapy and lengthening using a Guasha

  • Platysma stretching and strengthening

  • Neck Release Technique

  • Therapy ball massage to release your neck and shoulders

  • Therapy ball massage to release the jaw area

Additional Growth

This is the supportive series of specialized facial physio videos that can be used any time you feel you have hit a plateau or to refine your progress.
This package includes Emotional Expression Therapy, Synkinesis Support, Microcurrent Therapy and how to deal with and transform emotion that may arise while caring for your face.
The Microcurrent videos are illustrated with the musculature targeted and broken down to sections to focus on.


The videos included in this program are:

  • A guided form of practicing expressions with the corresponding emotion.

  • Synkinesis Support

  • Microcurrent therapy for the eye area

  • Microcurrent therapy for the Upper lip, cheek and nose

  • Microcurrent therapy for the lower lip and jaw 

  • How to deal with and transform emotion that may arise while caring with your face.

Bundle Now And Save!

Get access to both Foundational Roots And Additional Growth for $169 (Save $20). This bundle contains all therapies you may need at all stages of recovery.


Simple Access

Access the online tutorials at your own pace, and incorporate the facial physio secrets into your everyday routines—no appointments necessary.


Simple Results

Facial Physio secrets that  are evidence-based and backed by research. With easy-to-follow videos essential for retraining the brain-to-nerve-to-muscle routine.


Simple Guarantee

If you hit a plateau  in your progress, you will have unlimited access to the therapies that will take you to the next level or we’ll refund your payment

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