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Nik Balogh: Sharing Mind, Body & Soul Food

Updated: Aug 3

A holistic approach to well-being

A holistic approach to well-being involves bringing the three aspects of the self (mind, body and soul) into balance to create harmony and health.

The phrase “mind, body, and soul” refers to the connection and relationship between these three aspects of yourself.

Mind. Your mind is your thinking mind (both conscious and unconscious) that is responsible for your beliefs, thoughts, and actions.

Body. Your body is the physical aspect of yourself that carries you through life and allows you to experience the world through your five senses.

Soul. Your soul or spirit is that intangible part of you that you might refer to as your essence.

In this blog I aim to share both my comprehensive experience and my way of living in connection with Nature, that supports and honours the mind, body, emotions and spirit, or soul. I have been encouraged by many to share my voice, my ideas, insights and all that I have to offer.

My own journey of illnesses, and "dark nights of the soul" have led me down a path of awakening my highly intuitive and spiritual nature.

I have been teaching Yoga for 20 years and practicing the healing arts and shamanism for 18 years. Along the way my passion for plants and herbal medicine was kindled.

I live close to nature in a rural setting in southern Ontario, Canada where I grow and preserve much of my families food and medicine.

My latest illness and "dark night of the soul" has been experiencing a very lengthy and challenging journey through Bell's Palsy. Which led me to develop therapies and practices to heal myself when nothing else was working. I intend to share what she has learned with others that are experiencing this devastating illness.

My goal in all that I offer is to empower and share tools with people so that they can heal themselves. I hope to inspire you to infuse happiness and good health into your everyday, to live authentically; to tap into your own inner wisdom and ability to transform all areas of your life with realistic and effective practices.

My Offerings

I will be sharing snippets of practices through this blog but if you would like to dive deeper you are welcome to participate in my yoga classes, meditation class, and courses you can find available on my website.

You could also check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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