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Psychopomp Training

Connecting from the Heart, to the heart of lost souls and their/our helpers with compassion in order to facilitate the completion of its journey and cross to the Light, fully and completely.

This course will be offered both in studio and live online via Zoom

Date: Saturday May 4th 2024 10:30am-5pm EST
Fee: $177

The pre-requisite for this course is Introduction to Shamanic Journeying.

It is advised to have a solid foundation in journeying to both the Lower and Upper Worlds.  Middle World Journeying would be advisable as well as this is Middle World Work.  If you are unsure about pre-requisites please contact Nik to discuss.

We will take an hour lunch break.  The class will be recorded and available for review by participants for 3 months.


​With deep compassion and respect for another living soul who is lost and suffering, we are generally called to this work instead of choosing it.

Discernment is a crucial ability that must be developed further for this kind of work.  

This course will teach you how to compassionately clear a lost soul from a person, place or thing.

What you will need:  A journal to record your experiences in, and a drum or rattle if you have one.

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