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Alchemical Healing Courses
In Person And Online

These courses run over one weekend with 15 hours of class time either in person or on zoom.

Fri 6-9pm, Sat 10am-8:30pm, Sun 10:00am-5:00pm EST

We will take frequent 15min breaks and give 1hr for lunch and supper breaks

There is a depth of connection and Majik that happens when we completely immerse ourselves in these teachings and stay in them together.  

All instruction and practice with others will be done during class time.  

Practice will be done with break out rooms with a teacher available for questions and guidance. 

The classes will be recorded and available after for 3 months.

Although I’m really excited to share this work with you, I’ve had some scheduling changes this month which means I have to postpone for a bit. If you are interested in experiencing these classes  please contact me and I’ll put your name on the wait list.

These are the only online dates available for 2023 but for more options in person see what Cheryl Aarts has to offer here

Nik will also travel to you if you have a group interested in receiving these teachings.

Once Nik has received your registration, she will email you the Class Information Document and invoice.

Level One 



Level Two

 April 21,22,23  2023


Level Three

August 4,5,6 2023

Online Course

$444 CAD

Tax included in fee

(roughly $342 USD depending on rate of exchange)

In Person Course

$500 CAD

(roughly $386 USD)

This includes 3 meals (Lunch & Supper Saturday & Lunch Sunday) + tea & chocolate


Sign up for all 3 at once and Save $222!

Be Sure to Ask Nik for the 50% Off Discount Coupon Code if You Have Taken the Course Previously.

Course Content

Alchemical Healing
Level 1


This comprehensive healing course combines diverse and innovative techniques that are practical and applicable in today's world for physical healing and therapeutic counseling. All people desiring self healing and increasing their capacity to heal others will find this a powerful and transformative experience. You will learn a powerful healing form that allows you to access the Universal Life force energy and develop a working relationship with spirit allies from the animal, plant, and mineral realms.


Level I Classes Include:

  • Fire Mist Shower Empowerment

  • Opening of the hands and third eye

  • Distant Healing

  • Ethics of Healing

  • Forgiveness as an Alchemical Process

  • Other Therapeutic Processes 

Alchemical Healing
Level 2


This class is open to students who have taken Alchemical Healing level I and want to learn more and practice this powerful healing form on deeper levels. We will explore Akashic healing and other techniques and initiations.


Level II Classes Include:


  • Caduceus Empowerment

  • More on Power animals and guides

  • Elemental Initiation and healing

  • Introduction to healing techniques using Akasha

  • Electromagnetic current initiation

  • time to practice new skills with others

Alchemical Healing
Level 3


This class is open to students who have taken Alchemical Healing levels I and II and want to learn more and practice this powerful healing form on deeper levels. We will explore advanced shamanic practices and other techniques and initiations.


Level III Classes Include:

  • Advanced Shamanic and Alchemical Healing practices

  • Including the sucking cure and timeline work with Akasha

  • Wisdom of the Heart 

  • Avolokitesvara empowerment

  • Planetary Healing Practices

  • Sound in Healing

  • Time to practice new skills with others


Alchemical Healing by Nicki Scully

* It is advised that you read Alchemical Healing in preparation for the class but no need to do the initiations, they will be done in class.

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