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Personal Practice with Nik

Personalized yoga offers us a unique opportunity to discover the power of this ancient healing practice in our own way, in our own time. 

Whether you're brand new to yoga and looking for a solid introduction to build your foundation, a seasoned practitioner who'd like to progress further, or recovering from an injury or illness that makes joining a group class challenging (or impossible), there is a style and method of yoga practice that will work for you - Nik is here to help you discover and cultivate that personal practice. Her customized yoga sessions are always devoted to your unique personal needs and goals - this is truly yoga made for you.

In fact, Nik will use all of the tools at her disposal to create the unique experience that you are wanting and needing.  She can incorporate therapy ball work into your program which can be the key immense progress.

Personalized Home Practice

How it Works

We'll meet either in person, or online (video chat options available) for your your own unique session or initial assessment, to discuss your particular needs and goals.  Questions to ask yourself are how often do you intend to practice and how long of a session you want your home practice to be.  It is best to be realistic and set yourself up for success.


Nik will then create a program that she believes will be best suited to you, which will consist of home yoga practices and possibly therapy ball practices.

Customized programs will consist primarily of video content made just for you, and will be yours to keep forever. Programs are available in 20-45-minute video segments, with the possibility for purchasing multiple programs. 


An hour of practice with Nik whether you just want to practice yoga in the moment and record the session for future reference or initial assessment for future videos tailored to your needs and wants. You should be ready with yoga mat and props.

Fee - $90
You can e-transfer Nik or

Each video program resulting from an assessment will cost $45

Contact Nik today to book your session

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