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Nik Balogh: Discover The Healing Power of Community

Healing Circles offer a safe space to be heard, feel supported and receive guidance, in a compassionate environment, regardless of where people are on their healing journey.

A Healing Circle is a group of people who gather together with a clear intention of healing.

And when they do, magic and miracles can happen.

So much healing happens just in sharing how we are; feeling heard and seen, and supported by each other. Everyone's share helps all others to relate differently to their own stories and to know they are not alone.

These gatherings are a powerful antidote to the pressures of modern life. Too often we are expected to carry our burdens alone, without letting on that we are struggling. We hide our pain behind a brave face. But healing circles provide a space where we can take off the mask and share our authentic selves with others, safe in the knowledge that we will be held and supported.

Healing and Transformation in an environment of loving kindness


What Are Healing Circles

Healing Circles create a sacred space outside of the pressures of day-to-day life, where we come together in community (something we have been disconnected from since the creation of smart phones and especially during the pandemic) Those who sit in circle gather in openness, empathy, and compassion, harnessing their combined energy to spark change and collective healing.

Healing circles are practiced by different cultures around the world and are deeply rooted in the traditions of indigenous native American cultures. In a healing circle, participants can step into a safe and accepting environment where they can freely explore the possibility of healing.

The key principles of the Circle Process are to:

  • honor the presence and value the contribution of every participant.

  • emphasize the connectedness among people.

  • support emotional and spiritual expression.

  • give equal voice to all.

  • Confidentiality is also key, to ensure openness and emotional safety.

  • Participation is voluntary; no participant is required to share unless they choose to.

How Do Healing Circles Work?

They are called healing circles because members often sit in a circle as we do in my studio space.

We begin every Circle with introductions and sharing.

Each participant enjoys uninterrupted sharing time with the group. Members are expected to listen openly, without questioning or judging the member sharing.

supports spiritual and emotional expression while giving an equal voice to all participants.

Then we enter into the open space of the circle for the leader to facilitate a healing experience that all can participate in; both giving to each other and receiving ourselves.

Participation in the circle is entirely voluntary. Therefore, participants are not forced to share unless they want to.

Healing Circles are are offered at no charge to make them accessible to all.

Donations are also welcomed and appreciated if you are able to.

Healing Circles Open To All

I have been bringing people together to support each other on their healing journeys for over 11years now. The circles began to help support and grow the Alchemical Healing community I was welcoming and leading. The form has changed over the years as needs and accessibility changed.

Healing Circles open to all and are held the last Saturday of every month 9:30-11:30am EST

You are able to participate in these Circles both in person if you are able to or online via Zoom. The link and a donation button can be found here.

After introductions and sharing, you will be guided through the Heart Breath. This is when we all come into our hearts and call in guidance and support. Space will then be held and offered to each participant so they become the focus of receiving the healing they most need in that moment.

Most often we then take the time to send out healing into the collective or a particular global intention as well. Profound magic happens when we gather in groups with open hearts.

Healing Circles For Bells Palsy

Healing from a long and severe case of Bell's Palsy myself, I am now offering healing circles for all those that are suffering or have suffered from Bell's Palsy or any facial distortion.

After introductions and sharing, you will be guided through whatever skills, tools, healing or therapeutic exercises seem to be most needed by the group that forms each month.

Witnessing our challenges and celebrating our victories together with gratitude is an invaluable experience.

Online circles

The Bell's Palsy healing circles are offered as online group meetups. This makes it possible for people to connect with others like them and to get the help they need from wherever they are.

You can sign up to receive the link to these circles on the bottom of any of my Bell's Palsy web pages.

Healing Circle Agreements

  • We treat each other with kindness and respect.

  • We listen with compassion and curiosity.

  • ​We honor each other’s unique ways to healing and don’t presume to advise or fix or try to save each other.

  • We hold all stories shared in the Circle confidential.

  • We Listen with attention.

  • We speak with intention.

  • We tend to the well-being of the whole Healing Circle.

There is undeniable power in coming together to share our stories, listen with empathy, and support one another on our journeys to healthy and joyful living.

For more information about the Healing work that I practice and teach or to book a personal healing session:

For more information and therapies for Bell's Palsy:

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