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Yoni Love

The pelvic floor is the gateway to the energy of drive, self-trust, personal power, deep emotions, pleasure, and playfulness. It’s the energy of feeling connected to that which is bigger than us—including other people. Knowing how to use this gateway means knowing how to use our own personal power. Being able to soften into this area means being able to receive pleasure, joy, and a deep connection to our own emotions and whatever others may bring into our lives.

The pelvic floor—which is linked to our nervous system—can be cared for in a number of physical and emotional ways.

The pelvic floor is a part of your body that is related to your physical, emotional, and sexual health, and getting to know it better is valuable—not just when something goes wrong.

Ladies, no one should know your vagina/yoni better than you!

The pelvic floor surrounds your genitals, from the pubic bone to the tailbone and between the two sitting bones. It supports your pelvic organs, hips, and back, and plays a major role in bowel and urinary functions, as well as sexual function—including orgasms. It’s made up of several structures of muscle and connective tissue, but we can think of it as a coherent whole. Women tend to have more issues with their pelvic floors, mostly due to childbirth, but it’s the same structure in all of us.

Since the pelvic floor is a key part of our core, the moment we feel afraid or stressed it contracts. The muscles brace as a part of the fight-or-flight instinct. Which means that there is more to caring for this area than practicing Kegels—lifting and squeezing the genital area—to try to get this group of muscles to contract properly. Kegels can be helpful in the right situation but if you are tense and stressed they can exacerbate your issues.  Many of us are not weak, we are tense and stressed. 

I have found working with the resistance of a yoni egg the most effective with focused awareness and breath. (I prefer obsidian myself for several reasons.)

When we allow ourselves to breathe into the pelvic floor, we are reminding it of the natural, healthy rhythm that allows us to feel safe, feel strong, and let go. We can interrupt the constant rhythm of stress and anxiety that surrounds us. We can connect to our power, our pleasure, our desire, and our willingness and ability to stand up for ourselves. When we do this regularly, we can catch ourselves more quickly when we’re getting stuck in a stress rhythm and gently, lovingly unstick ourselves.

Join Me For Open Discussion and Learn How to Care For Your Yoni Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. 

We will start with just connecting comfortably with the whole pelvic bowl.  This can be an area that holds deep tension, emotion and trauma so we'll start with lovingly clearing that space within us.

Once we are all more comfortable we'll explore deeper and map out where we are at to bring awareness to what's needed.

This starts with the release of tension. Since the pelvic floor is a key part of our core, the moment we feel afraid or stressed it contracts. The muscles brace as a part of the fight-or-flight instinct. Many of us are not weak, we are tense and stressed. 

My own experience confirms this. You can try strengthening all you want in various ways but you will find it a frustratingly slow process. The key is to release 1st. Both physically and emotionally.

If you plan to join us online you will need a bolster or yoga blocks or even books stacked, a tennis ball sized soft foam ball or even a pair of rolled socks, and a hand towel. 


I will walk you through the foundational steps and give you a home practice that can be done in 10min of release and 10min of strengthening, which you can alternate on your own schedule.

You will walk away with the tools to deal with any emotion or trauma that may arise in your home practice as well.


The home strengthening practice requires a Yoni Egg.

I have a limited number of Obsidian Yoni Egg Kits you can purchase if you don't already have one.

Wednesday May 15th 7:00-9:00pm

I am offering this course both online and in person so you can choose how to participate depending on your comfort level and your location.

  • Starts May 15

    45 Canadian dollars

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