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Nik Balogh: Just Give It A Place To Go

Energy never dissipates. Energy is active - it is constantly in motion. The life force that permeates everything and everybody can be a working ally rather than an observed phenomenon.

These are the teachings of Nicki Scully and Alchemical Healing.

There are only 4 Rules to The Most Comprehensive Healing Modality that I have every experienced, that are applicable to every day energy awareness and management.

Many take level One just to learn how to be aware of and have tools to manage day to day life.

You can release your stress, emotions, worries, pain and anything else that does not serve you if you just intend to give it a place to go.


This Understanding...

"The power of our healing work comes from this understanding of energy: we can effect form intentionally by developing our thoughts with imagination, will, and focused attention, and by engaging our senses."

Nicki Scully, Alchemical Healing book

Just sit with that and roll it around for a while...

From the same chapter "A good parallel example can be found in the practice of the martial arts, tai chi and qigong. As the practitioner puts out the call, the energy comes in, focuses and intensifies, often raising the physical temperature of the body of the person, or of the specific place in the body where energy is being directed. It is most important to develop and attune your abilities to visualize and to focus your awareness and intention through practice."

And "Intention is a key word here. Intention combined with attention creates opportunity to make something happen, to harness and direct energy to manifest in a specific way, for specific purposes. In the work of Alchemical Healing, intention and attention are keys that unlock the mystery of healing, of co-creating reality, and of manifesting your most fulfilling destiny."

Can you see why I have chosen to share these teachings as a large part of my life's work?

Giving It A Place To Go

The 1st Rule of Alchemical Healing.

(I have never been really good with rules. But these 4 literally armed me with the tools I needed, being an energy sensitive person.)

"Always, when you take anything out of a person you must give it somewhere to go.

Illness can be understood as spirit requiring awareness. Once you become aware of the spirit of a disease or the aspect of the problem that can be removed, there are ways to simply take it out. In Alchemical Healing the healer is responsible for conducting the energies that are being manipulated. "

There are so many possible ways to do this during a healing for others.

How to release anything that does not serve you

What I want to share with you is how to do this for yourself.

No energy is intrinsically bad or evil - unwanted perhaps, even dangerous, certainly inappropriate to our good health - but not bad.

We can let go of the strong emotions of grief, anger, anxiety and more. We can release the pain, or stress or worries we are carrying.

All we have to do is breath into them and then intend for them to be released and absorbed or transformed in various ways. Energy follows thought.

3 Ways to Give It A Place To Go:

  • Approach a tree and ask it to draw out all that you wish to release. Touch it, lean into it, breathe into what you wish to let go of and offer it to the tree. You will sense it being drawn out and absorbed by the tree to use it as food to strengthen itself.

  • Breathe out Butterflies. Breathe into what you want to release. Breathe out as many butterflies of what size and colour is right to let it all go. Take as many breathes as you need, as often as you need to.

  • Breathe into what you wish to release while laying on your belly. As you exhale imagine it draining away and into the Earth for it to be recycled and reused. Continue until you have a sense of completion. If you are feeling overwhelmed by intense emotions I suggest lying directly on the earth to do this. I offer this in every yoga class when we come to lying on the belly. It literally can take only minutes to lighten up your load.

The 2nd All Important Rule, You Must Refill

If you take anything out of a person or if you release something yourself, you must refill the void.

This is an edit that includes both Nicki and Nik.

"Neglecting to refill leaves a vacuum into which unwanted energy can enter."

"Empty spaces will be filled - it is the nature of reality."

To explain the possibilities of refilling with Alchemical Healing is beyond the scope of this writing. It has also proven to be beyond the scope of any other healing modality that I have studied or experienced.

3 Ways To Refill Your Cup

There are many ways to receive. Again it is all about intention. Here are a few to try:

  • Consciously breathe in Sunshine. Even if you can't see the Sun shining it is always there behind the clouds. Just imagine breathing in the Light of the Sun. See or feel yourself filling with vitality, warmth and power.

  • The Heart Breath. This is the foundation of everything we do in Alchemical Healing. It can be used as often as you need to and once learned it is quick and easy to do. There is a Free 6-min audio recording on my meditation page. Just scroll down to Recorded Audio Meditations and Journey's.

  • I end most Yoga classes with consciously receiving both the Yin and the Yang of each breath. We start with releasing and relaxing with each exhale. Then I invite you to consciously receive with each Inhale. I lead you through it in under 4 minutes here:

Can you relate to feeling so depleted that you have nothing left to give?

Are you so busy with taking care of everything else that you don't even ask what it is that you need so that you actually can show up in they way that you want you for others?

You can use this breath as often as you need to. Balance and refilling your cup are only a few breaths away.

You can join my Yoga classes live in person or online to bring balance into your life and make self care a priority.

You can also book an Alchemical Healing session with Nik if you need more help.

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