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Facial Palsy: A Ray of Hope

Self Applied Therapies For

Continued Care

You Can Look And Feel Like You Again

If you experience regression with fatigue, stress or aging,
You Are Not Alone!

Just like any other injury or affliction there will be maintenance required and or possible refinement of symptoms.

I offer a free audio meditation to induce the relaxation response that you can download and use as often as needed if you are experiencing regression due to stress.

You may have to revisit massage, stretching and a few exercises to re-establish function or appearance.
A little self care can prevent or correct deterioration even decades after!


More Tools to Improve What You Thought Was Lost or To Prevent Deterioration

Managing Stress, Shame And Grief


Here you can find free audio downloads for managing stress, shame and grief.  The emotional component of facial palsy is vast. 

Emotional Expression


The newest research has uncovered that we use a combination of the emotional centre and the motor centre of the brain to create the myriad of facial expressions.

Microcurrent Therapy


To stimulate muscle into action.  Microcurrent therapy has been likened to a "workout for your face."

There are key eye exercises that will help synchronize blinking and improve your vision.
Simple tricks to correct synkinesis.
Massage using a Guasha.
Facial exercises that have proven to be more effective using resistance.
Guidance on what to focus on for the common needs of continuing care.
And access to all therapies so you can focus on your unique needs.

Further Support Created For You To Eliminate The Guesswork.

You don’t have to guess when it comes to the most effective rehabilitation tools and techniques.
And what to do next.


Simple Access

Access the online tutorials at your own pace, and incorporate the facial physio secrets into your everyday routines—no appointments necessary.


Simple Results

Facial Physio secrets that  are evidence-based and backed by research. With easy-to-follow videos essential for retraining the brain-to-nerve-to-muscle routine.


Simple Guarantee

If you hit a plateau  in your progress, you will have unlimited access to the therapies that will take you to the next level or we’ll refund your payment

Community Offerings

Welcome to My Monthly Free Healing Circles for Bell's Palsy
The 3rd Tuesday of each month 7:30-9:00pm EST

We respect your privacy: This information is used only to email you Healing Circle  announcements and links.
Your info will not be shared, sold, or otherwise provided to anyone else. 

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Welcome to My YouTube Channel

Get inspired with ongoing tips and guidance. View all of Nik's Bell's Palsy Youtube videos here. 


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